Utility Services – La Quinta

Utility Services - La Quinta

Telephone, Internet, Telephone

  • Spectrum (Recommended)
  • Frontier Communications
  • Direct Tv
 (844) 414-7902

Choose the Triple Play Silver at least and we recommend the Triple Play Gold.

If you you are purchasing TV’s purchase smart TV’s with the Roku app included. If you already have TV’s, purchase the Roku Stick. This will allow you to use the TV with out a box and the associated monthly fee.

Waste Management Service


  (760) 340-2113 
  [email protected] 

Walk-Up/Curb Service is required. This is where the Burrtec employee will go get your trash cans empty them and then put back in the correct spot. If a guest checks in before your trash day a vendor will be dispatched to remove the trash, which is a cost of $60-$75 depending on volume.