Owner Support

Owner Support

Our homeowners are our partners and we take that relationship very seriously. We understand what our Homeowner Partners want. A management company that cares for their home as much as if it were their own. We understand entrusting your home to a professional management team is an important decision. We will work with you to help make the most out of your vacation home.

Owner Portal

Through your online, easy to use Owner Portal and mobile app, you have access to important information regarding your home. A few of those features are:

  • Create owner blocks.

  • Real time live calendar.

  • Create work orders for requested work.

  • Track the status of pending, active and closed work orders.

  • View documents associated with your property.

  • Run reports such as monthly statements, profit & loss statements, etc.

  • Submit questions, concerns or tasks to be completed.

Financial Reports

You can use your Owner Portal to view a variety of reports on the fly, no need to request said reports … they are all there right at your finger tips.

  • Monthly Statements, which are also emailed to you by the 10th of the following month.

  • Profit & Loss Statement, in a summary or detailed format.

  • Property Revenue Comparison, which is where you can compare two

    periods. Such as a specific month from last year to this year.

Guest Damage Guarantee

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is guest damage. If a guest damages something in your home, we handle the repair and/ or replacement immediately. We want to make sure your home always reflects what is photographed and keep it in pristine condition. It will never be left in your hands to eat the cost or worry if it is being taken care of. This guarantee also includes fines incurred by the guest. If the guest incurs a noise violation fine, parking fine, etc. All you have to do is forward all documentation to Vacay Stay and we will reimburse you right away.

**NOTE: Under the the Revenue Enhancement Program the Homeowner and/or their representative report the damage and Vacay Stay will process the claim.**

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