Maintenance Team

Maintenance Team

Our Maintenance Team organizes and schedules all required repairs, enhancements and repair damages. We work with Vacay Stay vetted employees within our own Maintenance Team and preferred vendors, which include every possible vendor under the sun. Prompt repairs are essential to handling home upkeep and maintenance to avoid possible bad reviews.

As we’ve grown, we’ve developed strong relationships with local service providers. These providers work with us directly to assist in the upkeep of our homes. We know whom to call, when, and how to work within an appropriate budget.

**NOTE: Under the the Revenue Enhancement Program these duties are performed by the Homeowner and/or their representative.**

Guest Damage Guarantee

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is guest damage. If a guest damages something in your home, we handle the repair and/ or replacement immediately. We want to make sure your home always reflects what is photographed and keep it in pristine condition. It will never be left in your hands to eat the cost or worry if it is being taken care of. This guarantee also includes fines incurred by the guest. If the guest incurs a noise violation fine, parking fine, etc. All you have to do is forward all documentation to Vacay Stay and we will reimburse you right away.

**NOTE: Under the the Revenue Enhancement Program the Homeowner and/or their representative report the damage and Vacay Stay will process the claim.**

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