Vacay Stay Gets You:

⇢ More Bookings ⇠

⇢ More Revenue ⇠

⇢ Faster Service ⇠

⇢ Happier Guests ⇠

⇢ Better Reviews ⇠

Vacay Stay maximizes revenue using a complex set of variables to ensure your home books!

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    Why Partner with Vacay Stay?

    When you’re choosing a management company, it is important to make sure they are your partner and not just listing your home. A lot of management companies set it and forget it! We will never do that, we are very hands-on to help you capitalize on bookings and get the highest rate that the market can bear to ensure you make the most revenue possible.

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    Marketing Specialists

    Vacay Stay utilizes the widest network of OTA’s and gets you listed on the first page! Most management companies use the major North American OTA’s which are very popular, however, we have also partnered with the leading OTA’s in Asia and Europe. These are the Airbnbs of their respective regions.

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    Guest Support

    Our Guest Support Team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for all in-house guests. If the home is guest ready as it should be there shouldn’t be any issues, however, sometimes the guest just needs to know someone is there to help … and that’s where we come in.

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    Owner Support

    Our homeowners are our partners and we take that relationship very seriously. We understand what our Homeowner Partners want. A management company that cares for their home as much as if it were their own. We understand entrusting your home to a professional management team is an important decision. We will work with you to help make the most out of your vacation home.

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    Maintenance Team

    Our Maintenance Team organizes and schedules all required repairs, enhancements and repair damages. We work with Vacay Stay vetted employees within our own Maintenance Team and preferred vendors, which include every possible vendor under the sun. Prompt repairs are essential to handling home upkeep and maintenance to avoid possible bad reviews.

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    Insurance Requirements

    A Vacation Rental Policy with Additional Insured or Additional Interest is required under all of Vacay Stay’s programs. This Insurance policy replaces the property owners current homeowner’s or landlord policy. It is written as a business policy, giving the short-term vacation rental owner comprehensive coverage for their home, contents, commercial business liability, and business income. It also includes personal liability when the short-term or vacation rental “doubles” as the owner’s residence.

    The challenge was quadruple use or occupancy of the properties; as most vacation rental properties are used for commercial short-term rental use, personal use, are at times unoccupied, and some have guests or tenants for over 30 days. With this policy it covers you and your property for all four uses.

    Please make sure your agent includes the following within your policy:

    1. Liability coverage that includes property damage and public liability coverage, with liability of not less than $500,000 per occurrence, and $1,000,000 aggregate.
    2. Policy must include “Additional Insured” or “Additional Interest” endorsement for “VacayStay, Inc.”
    3. Mailing address: Vacay Stay, 78010 Main Street, Suite 201, La Quinta CA 92253
    4. Fax: (760) 469-4966
    5. Email:
    6. Declarations Page can be faxed to us at (760) 469-4966 or emailed to us at

    Insurance Company Agent Referrals:

    Robert Stowe
    Robert Stowe Insurance Agency, Inc.
    (760) 578-9089 –

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    Meet Our Team!

    The Team

    Owner FAQs

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